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Thread: seo campaign

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    seo campaign

    The search engine optimization is a technique which offers you a good ranking in the organic result pages. But to make your seo campaign you need to do a lot of hard work as this technique contains a lot of aspects and all of them play an important role.
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    Thanks for your post Mckenno22, I've removed the link you had provided as we ask that no competitive links or adverts are created or added without prior consent of the administrative team.

    Your post however makes many good points, and invites discussion.

    You are correct about the work involved in creating a good, solid and affective campaign for both SEO and advertising. Marketing a website is almost a full time role and the techniques involved in gaining high ranking status on the search engines is little known.

    The algorithms used by Google, Bing, Yahoo and alike are not publicised and so the real talent is to maintain and observe/research methods which can aid in sucessful high rankings.

    A few suggestions for these are:
    * To ensure that your website loads quickly, tools like google pagespeed can allow you to gauge whether your load time is resonable.
    * To make sure that your content is an appropriate length, with reference to your keyword cloud.
    * To stop your sites from loading javascript inline, or in the wrong order.
    * Minification, and obfuscation are important considerations as well as security.

    I won't go into all the points here as I hope this might spark some added conversation to the forums.

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