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Thread: Link Building Techniques

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    Link Building Techniques

    What are the best off page and On page link building Techniques?

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    Hi Daisymartin,

    Welcome and thanks for the good question. I think this will probably remain a point of contention amongst most SEO professionals you'll ask, and mainly due to the unsure nature of Search engine algorithms.

    It's clear that within all the mechanisms we generally regard as having positive effect on SEO, there are some entirely unknown areas.

    Having read articles throughout the years on good and bad strategies (and have them change so frequently) my advice is fairly loose:
    My main pointer is "don't overdo it", and by this, I mean, for example, do not try to influence too many reciprocal link exchanges, natural ones are great, but Google et al. seem quite aware of "link exchange schemes".

    Sometimes I add links to my text within my content/posts on the forums, this isn't necessarily a good idea, but sometimes I link to do it to demonstrate a principal or series of them.

    Signing up for listings. This can be a good and bad strategy, it's probably more beneficial if you limit the number of listings under which you have subscribed, and attempt to really keep to within the remit of your business, site or organisation. Granularity here may be of benefit, as with Geographical based listings.

    Content management systems - it?s important to utilise plugins and so on to ensure a higher delivery of SEO based constraints. I have noticed that in some of the forum software and blog software I have used there are dead links (404's) not always great news.

    My biggest advice:
    • Allow links naturally. Do not try to push heavily to attain a large number of backlinks inorganically. Google penalise (according to their policy) if they believe you have forced backlink aggregation.
    • Build a SEO strategy, plan and outline before you start, consider your targets, consider your area of focus, ensure that your backlinks fall into these.

    I must admit, this is one of the areas of SEO I'm least happy with my knowledge of, so I hope that my thoughts above are of some credible benefit.

    I'll have a further think about the question and see if I can come up with anything more useful. Do feel free to spark up a conversation further to this though. I'd certainly like to hear more thoughts on it.

    Kind regards,

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