To help you enjoy your stay here, we've composed a list of "rules" and guidelines.

Once you've added a new "topic/thread/post/message" to the forum, it will go through a stage of pre-moderation, where one of our team will make sure it is appropriate and in the right place.

Please don't take this personally
, it's a common practice throughout internet forums.

Please stick to the following points and we'll do our best to accommodate your question, answer or discussion:

  • No racist, sexist or other defamatory content.
  • All "arguments" must be constructive and any posts considered to be aggressive shall not be approved.
  • Unsolicited email/messages will be removed immediately and the user account will be banned.
  • Repeat offences will result in banishment.
  • All content posted must fall within the law. Any questionable or illegal content will be removed and reported appropriately.

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