This forum is pre-moderated.

This means that your post will not show up until a member of the Coderz team has approved it.

We do this to ensure things are done fairly, and so that no inappropriate material is posted, and finally to ensure that your post shows up without being surrounded by a plethora or unrelated information.

Currently we are only accepting ads from local businesses in and around Mid-Wales, Ceredigion and the Aberystwyth Area, we are limiting it to this so that there is a fair chance for your posts to be seen and not drowned out by business from father afield.

That being said, with enough support we would be happy to open another forum to support business outside the area.

Our rules and our guidelines.

The rules

The forum rules apply globally and this includes here. You can find the forum rules here.

In addition to these rules:
  • Your business must not be a national institution, and must be unique to the region.
  • Your business must not primarily supply, or advertise products or services aimed at adults only.
  • Your business must not be in direct competition to Coderz ICT and its services unless previously arranged with a member of the team.

The guidelines
In an attempt to have the forum neat, tidy and easy to read, we have set out the structure that your business advert should take.

The template can be found by clicking here

Coderz ICT does not take responsibility for any posts made on the forums other than that of it's own team. We do our best to monitor and moderate the content, if you find anything that does not confirm with the law or our rules please report it using the report button located on every post.